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Boys Taklif Virtual Ceremony – 2023


Uloom Zainabia is hosting its 1st Annual Boys Taklif Ceremony to honor and celebrate the boys who have recently reached the Islamic age of Bulugh/maturity in the last year till now. The age of bulugh/Taklif for boys is defined by Islamic law as the boy reaching either one of these criteria first:

a) age 15 lunar years  OR  b) observing physical signs (refer to Islamic guidance for details)

Based on that, the age of Taklif is different for every boy. Boys who have already reached the age of Taklif since one year ago are invited to register for this event which will take place virtually on the blessed occasion of the Wiladah of Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Redha (AS). The date of event will be on Saturday, June 3, 2023 at 2pm Eastern time via Zoom. Meeting details will be sent shortly before the event.

Note: If you have not yet reached age of Taklif, please wait till you are Baligh and you can join this event in the next year(s).


If you are qualified to register for the Boys Taklif Ceremony, you may proceed with online registration (at no cost) under the name of the boy who is reaching Taklif (NOT the parent), and submit the necessary requirements which includes:

1)     Email up to 6 good quality photos of yourself that includes a range of ages (baby photo, toddler, and childhood till now) to by May 21, 2023. 

Your photos will be displayed in a video presentation in the virtual Taklif celebration event and will be shared online in celebration of yourself and other boys who have transitioned to being a young adult, in the eyes of Allah (SWT). By participating in this event, you are consenting for this presentation to be shared in public.

2) Record a video (less than 1 min) of yourself answering the following question: What does Taklif mean to you and how do you feel being a young responsible adult?

Send video by WhatsApp to +1(201)736-7163. Please make sure quality of video is good.

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