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About Us

Our Vision

In the holy city of Madina, it was the practice of Sayyida Zainab, the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) to hold regular meetings for women in which she shared her knowledge and taught them the precepts of the religion of Islam as laid out in the Holy Qur’an. Her gatherings were well and regularly attended. She was able to impart the teachings with such clarity and eloquence that she became known as Fasihah (skillfully fluent) and Balighah (intensely eloquent). Women would gather to attend her daily circles where they all benefited from her erudition, wisdom, and scholarship in the exegesis of the Qur’an. The depth and certainty of her knowledge earned her the name given to her by her nephew, Imam Zainul Abideen (AS), of A’limah Ghayr Mu’allamah, meaning, she who possesses in depth knowledge without being taught.

This educational platform named “Uloom Zainabia” takes inspiration from the Hero of Karbala, Sayyida Zainab (AS) who is known by one of her esteemed titles, as A’limah Ghayr Mu’allamah (عالمة غير معلمة) .

Our Mission

To enlighten seekers of knowledge across age groups by providing quality education and understanding on selected Islamic topics and foundational concepts that are relevant and practical to this time in age, through online presentations, webinars, and interactive learning.


Course content or programs will be delivered in a virtual environment which enables the learner to access course material anytime regardless of their location or time zone. Students will be provided with self-assessment exercises to enhance learning and will have access to instructor at specified times for questions and further interaction.

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