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Who is Zainab?


Uloom Zainabia presents a self-paced short lecture series in the month of Muharram titled "Who is Zainab?" The lessons will present facts from her life including her birth, early life, day of Ashura, and post-Ashura events, highlighting her active roles during the course of her life. This is a 2-credit course and the course registration fee is $20 USD which will be directed to charitable organization. This course is open for anyone to participate. 


The video lectures will range up to ~30mins and will be pre-recorded and made available onto the Uloom Zainabia portal daily for you to access and watch at your convenient time. Students will have flexibility to participate from any time zone. Video lectures need to be listened to entiredly in order to register the task as complete. Each lecture will be accompanied by a self-assessment quiz with few questions to answer to confirm your understanding of the material presented. Your assessment quizes will be graded and posted on your dashboard.

You may contact instructor by phone or message via WhatsApp at (1) 201-736-7163.

Successful completion of course to earn 2 credits is dependent on completion of a minimum of seven out of nine lectures, and greater than 50% on all assessment quizes.

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