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Ramadan 2023 Contest - 30 Martyrs in 30 Days


This is a 3 credit course which will start on March 22, 2023 and end on April 20, 2023. 


The theme for the contest this upcoming holy month of Ramadan is to remember the martyrs of Islam who have sacrificed their lives and shed their blood to water the tree of Islam. Without the sacrifices of the martyrs, Islam would not flourish the way we see it today, by God’s Grace. Allah the Almighty praised the station of martyrs (Shuhada) many times in the Quran, such as this verse: “And do not speak of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead; nay, they are alive, but you do not perceive.” [2:154]


One way of showing our appreciation to the respected martyrs of Islam and to set their affairs alive, as indicated in this verse, is to learn more about them and seek inspiration from the struggles encountered in their lives. This Ramadan contest is an attempt to achieve that goal through the 30 day contest.


Our martyrs cannot be enumerated; however, 30 martyrs have been selected from diverse backgrounds to learn about them and pluck lessons to apply in our own lives. Every day you will learn about one martyr. A minimum of one question for an unknown martyr will be presented daily in a riddle format. Student will be challenged to conduct research to identify the name of the martyr and share reflections of inspiration from that martyr. Short written and/or audio and/or video summaries will be uploaded daily to confirm the answer to the question of the day and and provide further explanation and background knowledge for that honorable martyr. 


Teenagers and adults are strongly encouraged to register for this program.

Registration fee for this program is $30 which will be contributed directly as a donation to charity organization, Kareema Care, and will be allocated specifically to support a campaign for 'Those in Need'. Since the focus of this contest is to learn about our martyrs, our request is that you dedicate the reward of your donation in honor of the martyrs of Islam. 


Welcome to Ramadan 2023 Contest - 30 Martyrs in 30 Days

All activities in the Ramadan program will take place online. You will need a device and WhatsApp number to participate in this program. Registered students will be added to a WhatsApp group.


Every day at approximately Fajr time (eastern time), the daily challenge will be uploaded onto Uloom Zainabia website. Please use your student login to access the question.  Students have up to 7pm eastern time (deadline) to submit answers online via their student accounts. Submission will be closed off at 7pm EST Sharp. Only the answers submitted before that time will be considered for grading, so plan well ahead of time. Your answers will be saved under Student Dashboard online and you can view or edit your answer any time before the end of submission time. Please read and research each question carefully before submitting your answer.

At 7pm eastern time up to 9pm, students should post theirs answers on the WhatsApp group dedicated for this program. For students who are on a different time zone, please be mindful of the time difference. For any exceptions of posting on WhatsApp due to time difference, you may contact the instructor.

Your answers will be graded daily and you will receive points according to the quality and completeness of the answers you submitted, as well as following instructions.  The number of points assigned to each question will vary depending on complexity of the question.  Your grade will be posted every evening on your student dashboard.


Daily audio summaries and supplemental online material will be shared with you online, to address the question of the day and for your learning of that personality. Listening to these summaries are a requirement for this course. In order to view your grades and for your points to count towards your total scoreboard, you will be required to listen to the audio summaries from start to finish. For any questions on the daily summaries, please send an email to

Success in this course will depend on three factors:  

1) Daily participation

2) Personal efforts to do your own research to find the answer which will enhance your learning 

3) Students are reminded to check their phones and emails daily for updates on WhatsApp group and notifications received by email. 

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