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Ramadan 2022 - Quran Scavenger Hunt


This is a 3 credit course which will start on April 2nd, 2022 and end on May 1st, 2022. 

Since the Month of Ramadan is the spring of the Qur’an, this course will take form of a 30-day Scavenger Hunt Contest in search for treatures in the Quran. A minimum of one question will be presented daily on the theme of the Holy Qur’an. All questions will be answered by finding the best verse(s) and/or the best answer or explanation which answers the question. Through this daily exercise, we aim for the student to get ‘closer’ to the Book of Allah, not only by reciting but also by understanding a handful of what the verses speak about. Also, the student will challenge him/herself to enhance the learning of the Arabic language by navigating the English translations. Short audio summaries will be uploaded daily to confirm the answers and provide further explanation and background knowledge for learning purposes. 

Teenagers are strongly encouraged to register for this program. Exceptions in age can be made upon request. Parent/Guardian support is necessary in order for students to be successful and benefit the most from the Scavenger and Treasure Hunt in the Quran.

Registration fee for this program is $25 which will be contributed as a donation to charity organization, Kareema Care, and will be allocated specifically to support a campaign for Those in Need.  Last day of registration is April 1st, 2022. 


Welcome to Ramadan 2022 Quran Scavenger Hunt program!

All activities in the Ramadan program will take place online. The program will include two segments and will take place in the following manner:

1. Ramadan Quran Scavenger Contest:

    Every day at approximately Fajr time (eastern time), the daily question will be uploaded onto Uloom Zainabia website. Please use your student login to access the question.  Students have up to 7pm eastern time to submit answers online via their student accounts. Submission will be closed off after 7pm EST. Your answers will be saved under Student Dashboard online and you can view or edit your answer anytime before the end of submission time. Please read each question carefully before submitting your answer. If a question is asking for 2 verses, then please only provide 2, not more. Some questions may have more than one acceptable answer. When you cite a verse, please make sure to cite in correct manner. The number which appears after a verse refers to the verse number for the verse before it, not after it. You can cite the verse in the shortened version, as in this example: Verse 2 of Surah al-Fatiha can be written as: Q1:2.  Q for Quran, then the chapter number, followed by Surah number.
    Siblings who are participating in the same household are requested to please work on this activity individually, with your parent/guardian support.

    At 7pm eastern time up to 9pm, students should post theirs answers on the WhatsApp group dedicated for this program. For students who are on a different time zone, please be mindful of the time difference. For any exceptions of posting on WhatsApp due to time difference, you may contact the instructor.

    Your answers will be graded daily and you will receive points according to the quality and completeness of the answers you submitted, as well as following instructions.  The number of points assigned to each question will vary depending on complexity of the question.  Your grade will be posted every evening on your student dashboard.
    Daily audio summaries (up to 10min) addressing the question of the day will be posted online for your learning. Listening to these summaries are a requirement for this course. In order to view your grades, you will be required to listen to the audio summaries. For any questions on the daily summaries, please send an email to [email protected]
    For success of participation, students are reminded check their phones and emails daily for updates on WhatsApp group and notifications received by email. Parent/Guardian support is a must in order to ensure student success in learning.

    2. Quran Recitation:
    Every student has the opportunity to select 3 Surahs out of any of the following Surahs to recite and record in audio during the holy month of Ramadan:
    Surat an-Naba (Chapter # 78) through Surat al-Layl (Chapter # 92) 

      Students are requested to upload their audio recitations online in mp3 format and indicate which Surah they have recited. Students should also share their recitation on the WhatsApp group. Sisters who don't wish to post their audio recitation on the group may make request to the instructor. For every Surah recited, student will earn 2 points. You have up to 6 points maximum to earn for this segment. Last day to submit audio recitations is May 1, 2022.

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